Maintaining A Clean Construction Site!

Effective Ways On Maintaining A Clean and Safe Construction Site
Keeping your construction site clean and in proper order is more than just about improving job site efficiency. Ensuring that your job site is free of debris, trash and other construction-related materials is also about the overall safety and health of your workers and visitors. Granted, the construction industry is messy, making it all the more reason good housekeeping should be encouraged.
Recent research reveals that a myriad of accidents in the construction industry have been caused by incidents such as slipping or tripping. Facts based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics on their 2015 Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses, bears testament to the above fact. According to them, 3,980 construction related accident injuries in 2015 were due to trips and slips. By adding falls to the equation of accident injuries, the number increased to at least 8,120.
OSHA attributes accident injuries and worker fatalities in the construction industry to negligence and an unsafe working environment. Hence, OSHA dutifully crafted a comprehensive list of guidelines and regulations on keeping a construction site clean and safe.
Below are some of the ways workers can effectively contribute to maintaining a clean, safe and healthy working environment. Let us take a look.

Effective storage of construction work materials, be it flammable or non-flammable should be stored away appropriately. To aid in proper storage, it is essential that you correctly label the material before separating and storing them. Having a storage location that is covered, and safe from sun and element exposure is encouraged.
Workers should avoid leaving materials out as this may lead to an avoidable accident. After use, every worker should store all their equipment and materials away.
Proper Disposal of Scraps and Surplus Materials
Of course, having trashcans on site is one step towards proper waste disposal. The second step is having them effectively disposed of by your workers.
By having a disposal system in place, you can help ensure that different scraps and waste materials are appropriately separated into different types of debris, garbage, or recycling. In other words, scraps and debris should be disposed of in their proper containers and trash cans.
Maintain Clean and Dry Surfaces
Workers should be encouraged to maintain high standards of cleanliness when it comes to all working and walking surfaces. Floors should be kept dry at all times. Spills, be it oil, water or any other liquid should be taken care of quickly and immediately.
Keep Floor Clear of Debris
Crew members and workers can work in shifts in ensuring that working and walking surfaces are clear of debris. Anything from dust and tools to undisposed bottles should be cleared from the floor. Instead, workers should always store and keep all their tools in their toolbox during and after work.
Have A Cleaning Schedule
Each worker or crew member should be assigned a specific clean up duty. This way, everybody contributes to keeping the work environment clean, safe and healthy. Some can be in charge of sweeping while others can be responsible for proper debris disposal. Others can be responsible for labelling and storing equipment and materials appropriately.
OSHA Guidelines on Maintaining Clean and Safe Work Environments
Every walking-working surface should be clean and orderly. Moreover, they should be in a sanitary condition
Floors should be kept clean and dry
All walking and working surfaces should be free of debris, protruding objects, corrosion and so forth
Continuous inspection and maintenance of all working-walking surfaces
Correctional repairs should be carried out and supervised by qualified individuals
The load should not exceed the maximum weight limit intended for the surface in question
Trash cans should be placed all over the construction site for easy accessibility and availability
In conclusion, protruding and sharp objects have also been linked to causing fall-related accidents and injuries. Issues that are often overlooked such as the build-up of dust and debris on working-walking surfaces are major contributing factors as well. By mobilizing all your workers, however; you can effectively maintain a clean and safe job site. In turn, you can avoid accidents, injuries and illnesses from occurring to increase worker efficiency and safety.

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