Safety Awareness Tips

5 Workplace Safety Awareness Tips

While some work places are naturally more dangerous than others, on-the-job hazards exist in almost every profession. Hazardous situations and conditions can lead to employee accidents and can be detrimental to business operations. Whether you have a dedicated safety team or manager, or you follow national safety guidelines like OSHA, there are certain steps you can take to increase safety awareness in the workplace. Follow these five tips to increase awareness and keep your employees safe.  

Provide Adequate Staff Training

Ensure all staff members understand safety protocols. While you may introduce these during staff onboarding, take the time to consistently review these policies. Reiterating your safety policies will help to keep them top of mind ,and you should make it a point to discuss safety after any accident or injury. The frequency of your safety training will vary based on your industry, but OSHA does provide some guidelines for specific hazards.

Safety videos are a great way to introduce your policies to your employees in an easy-to-follow, digestible way. Ensure that staff members are educated on general safety procedures as well as specific protocols for their job or department. While reading a handbook and watching a video will help employees understand basic concepts, make sure to provide hands-on demonstrations to ensure staff members can apply this training in the workplace.

Lead by Example

All employees should prioritize safety but that must start with the leadership. Your workers are much more likely to follow safety protocols if they see members of the leadership team following best practices. If you expect your employees to take safety seriously, you need to practice what you preach. Demonstrate your commitment to health and safety and your employees will follow suit.

Post Visible Signs and Warnings

Even if your staff members are aware of your policies and procedures, people can be careless when they are busy, tired or in a rush. Reminders can be very helpful. Make sure to post signs and warnings to indicate any unsafe equipment, areas or situations. Post reminders to wear safety equipment, use caution when operating machinery and to keep the workplace clean.

Make sure you have clear signs to indicate regular and emergency exits and to mark the location of safety equipment like fire extinguishers, eye wash stations, First-Aid kits and more.

Encourage Employees to Get Involved

You can boost safety awareness by letting your employees take an active role in the process. Ask staff members to evaluate safety procedures and policies to see if there is any confusion or any gaps in the policies. You can also ask staff members to lead safety trainings.

Encourage workers to report health and safety issues and to share ideas and suggestions.

You can also encourage events like safety awareness week, safety classes, training seminars and presentations.

Designate a Safety Team

You can take employee engagement a step further ad assemble an internal safety team. This task force will  make sure all employees are aware of best practices and follow the rules and protocols. Try to pick staff members from different teams and departments to make sure every group is represented on your safety team.  

If you want to protect your employees from hazards, accidents and injuries, be proactive and implement accident prevention strategies. Ensure sure staff members understand the dangers associated the workplace and their specific position. Safety training and awareness can reduce the amount of accidents and injuries and ensure your employees stay safe on the job.

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